Fediverse - глобальная сеть связанных друг с другом социальных сетей.

Принцип работы сети можно грубо сравнить с работой электронной почты. Пользователи почты обмениваются сообщениями, находясь на различных почтовых серверах (yandex, gmail, mailru). Здесь почти то же самое. Имея аккаунт в аналоге Твиттера, Mastodon, можно общаться и видеть ленту тех, у кого зарегистрирован аккаунт в Pixelfed (аналог инстаграма)


Federated networks have been around for centuries, and all of us have used them all our lives. The entire world is built around federated communications networks. The postal service is federated, different post offices around the world exchange letters and parcels. The traditional telephone network is federated, and so is email.

That's why you can make a call or send an email to someone else even if you're using a completely different provider, because the providers on a federated network talk to each other.

Federated networks have been the default for human communications from the earliest days, since before computers or the internet even existed. It's this sensible, sustainable, common sense tradition that the Fediverse is bringing to the modern social media world.